Athletic participation has the capacity to teach and support valuable life

lessons, psychological strengths, and skills that extend FAR beyond the playing field or sporting activity, including:  self-esteem, body esteem, confidence, emotional intelligence, motivation, focus, self-discipline, goal setting, commitment, time and stress management, character development, leadership, working with other people, and being in community. Athletic participation can serve as a foundation for lifelong physical, emotional, and spirit health and well-being across the lifespan. Athletic participation can begin at any age and is available for people of varying sizes, abilities, and health conditions.


IC believes EVERYONE -- regardless of sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, gender identity or expression, economic conditions, physical abilities, age, size, or other experiences or conditions -- has the right to participate in sports and benefit from athletic activities if they choose. IC is committed to making sports and athletic communities safe for all. IC is committed to ensuring equal access and opportunity to the myriad of psychological, physical, social, life skills, and community building opportunities that are gained through sports and athletics. 


Through a menu of services, IC can support athletic communities in the areas of team building and inclusion (e.g., homophobia and transphobia in sports, girls/young women in sports,  communication), diversifying sports programs, athlete identity and character development, benefits of sports participation, identifying mental health needs of athletes, and mental game strategies. IC is also available for  motivational speaking on the psychology of getting and staying active and living a holistic healthy lifestyle from a multicultural and sociocultural perspective. 


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Video about ic's sports work

Here's a brief video about IC's sports work

Video on mental game

Here's a brief video on mental game