Many organizations doing good work may ask themselves: "How do I know I'm doing what I think I'm doing?" Evaluation helps to answer this question. Yet, many community leaders may be uncertain about how to go about creating their own evaluation instruments to answer the questions they care about or may find the idea of evaluation -- research -- intimidating. IC can help by demystifying Program Evaluation -- its terms and vocabulary, concepts, and practices – in an easy to understand way grounded in social justice values. 


IC can support your evaluation efforts whether it is the first time doing an evaluation or whether you have a history of conducting evaluations but want to strengthen or review practices. Areas of evaluation support include:

  • Identifying Obstacles to Evaluation
  • Creating an Evaluation Culture Within Organizations
  • Planning Evaluations
  • Budgeting for Evaluations
  • Defining evaluation terminology
  • Determining whether to conduct in-house evaluations vs. use external evaluators
  • Process-based Evaluations
  • Outcomes-based Evaluations
  • Logic Model Development
  • Developing Evaluation Instruments (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Evaluation Methods (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Data Analyses
  • Documenting Evaluation Findings


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Video on program evaluation

Here's a brief video on IC's Program Evaluation Services